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Understanding and addressing gender — so you can help others thrive.

Why Gender Matters

We’re all affected, in different ways and to different degrees, by how cultures and communities construct gender.

We ascribe to narrow ideas about gender in ways both small and large — often without realizing it — and that gets in the way of our ability to show up as our full, authentic selves. The challenges we as a world face today require new ideas and approaches, and that’s possible only when everyone brings their unique perspective, skills, creativity and experience to the table, free of any gender-based constraints.

A global reimagining of gender is underway. Today, the majority of millennials and Gen Z see gender as a spectrum, rather than a binary; something that would have been hard to imagine a decade ago.


of Gen Zers know someone who uses a gender neutral pronoun

(J. Walter Thompson)


of millenials identify as transgender or gender non-conforming

(Harris Poll)


of Gen Zers expect to change their gender identity at least once during their lifetime

(Irregular Labs)

These changing understandings are not only here to stay, they continue to expand rapidly. New language is created regularly. Expectations in our relationships, families, workplaces and other cornerstones of our lives are changing. While this can sometimes feel uncomfortable or confusing, the good news is that these changes are also empowering and liberating — not just for some, but for everyone. Including you.

What We Do


Reimagine Gender helps you understand gender so that you can help your family, organization and community thrive. Our vision is for every person to live fully as their authentic self, without limiting who they are or their potential by trying to fit into narrow and constricting gender norms. We work toward this by educating people about evolving understandings of gender and providing them with resources and tools to actively reimagine gender in their world.


Our experience has proven that much of what folks need regarding gender boils down to a few things:

  • A partner who listens to what you want to accomplish, without judgement or an agenda
  • Help understanding what gender is (and isn’t) and defining key terms and concepts so people feel more comfortable talking about gender
  • A gender lens that helps reveal the largely invisible ways that gender shows up in our everday lives. Once you develop this lens, you see things in a new way — including the often non-obvious ways we build bias and inequity into our systems — and are able to change what’s needed.
  • Practical resources that can be implemented to have an immediate, positive impact where you need it most

Whether you have a specific need or want to reimagine gender broadly, we listen to what you want to accomplish, the impact it will have, and what success looks like. If you have concerns (and really, who doesn’t?), we listen to those too. Then we roll up our sleeves and partner with you to accomplish your objectives.


Part of what we love about our work is the variety of projects we get to work on. Here are a few examples:

  • A tech company needed help after their new global gender policy drew unexpected backlash from employees
  • A financial services organization wanted to capture information on gender in its recruiting and employee management systems while staying compliant with federal reporting needs, and wasn’t sure how to get beyond their current “are you a man or a woman” gender options
  • A healthcare company hoped to understand how a subscriber’s gender may affect which services they utilize and how they use them
  • A police department wanted to create a gender policy that respects its citizens
  • An international NGO wanted to train its staff, volunteers and partners on gender and create a program for clients to support their gender-diverse children of all ages
  • A program for educators, parents, and youth needed to help kids imagine how their interests can translate into an exciting STEM-related career


It’s essential that you feel safe and comfortable in your relationship with us. In order to help foster that experience, we don’t name or talk publicly about our partners. It’s your decision to share — or not share — our collaboration. If you’d like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

How We Can Help


Whether you hope to attract new talent, better serve your customers or constituents, unlock innovation, increase your bottom line, or achieve fundraising goals, a strong understanding of gender is a must for organizations today.

Reimagine Gender offers services designed to educate companies and other organizations about gender and empower leaders to apply a gender lens across the organization. We offer trainings for leaders and practitioners, custom workshops, assessments, consulting, educational content and more. Our tools, programming and guidance help your organization reimagine gender — so you can thrive far into the future. Contact us to learn more.

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Diverse constituencies. Rapidly evolving understandings of gender. Little room for mistakes. You have a difficult job, but we’re not telling you anything new.

Whether gender is the focus of work you’re doing or ancillary to it, you’ll benefit from gaining a better understanding of how gender is seen and understood today. We can help you create a new gender-related policy, adapt existing policies to address non-binary identities, or serve as a thought partner and a second set of eyes to help identify potential issues in proposed policy or legislation.


As parents, we want what’s best for our kids. We try to help them effectively navigate the world they live in. How we equip them to understand and address gender has lifelong implications — personally, professionally, and financially — and has a tremendous impact on their ability to live their authentic life.

This can be challenging. You’re not alone if gender is a subject you’d rather avoid discussing with your child. The gendered world that our kids are growing up in can look very different from the one we knew as children. There’s new language to learn, new ideas to explore. While much is new, some of the old challenges remain. Pink and blue toy and clothing aisles are increasingly becoming a thing of the past, but kids today are still bombarded with gender-limiting messages. These constructions of gender not only affect them now, they can and often do negatively limit them throughout their lives. Whether it’s economic research demonstrating the lifetime financial impact that sexism has on a girl, changing language for gender identities, or how to help your boy manage evolving understandings of masculinity, your understanding gender matters.

Reimagine Gender offers education and training on gender for parents and other family members, collaboration and partnership on program development for children and youth and creates gender-inclusive programs that help all youth see the possibilities of living a life free of gendered constraints. Please subscribe to our newsletter to hear about upcoming webinars, or reach out if you’re interested in learning more about our services. We’re here to help. If you’re interested in matters specifically related to gender-diverse children and youth, please check out Gender Spectrum — they have terrific information, services and support for families and the gender-diverse kids they love.


You’re doing critical work, and providing valuable services in your communities. If you’d like to better understand how gender may impact the services you provide, want coaching and materials to train staff and volunteers on gender, or want a thought partner to discuss gender-related programs, please reach out. We’re here to help.

Understanding Gender

Gender is a word you’ve probably heard a thousand times, and discussions about gender are everywhere.

But if you’re like most people, you may not have thought much about it, and what you’ve read and heard may have left you more bewildered than when you started. We’re here to help.

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Food For Thought

A woman’s lifelong earnings and how much she works are influenced by the levels of sexism in the state where she was born.”

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Our Story

The genesis of Reimagine Gender began with work being done at our sibling organization, Gender Spectrum, which was founded by Stephanie Brill in 2006 with a focus on gender-diverse kids and their families in the United States. As awareness of gender grew, the organization received requests to provide education and training about gender in areas beyond Gender Spectrum’s mission. Meanwhile, we realized the need to work with those who most directly shape how gender is seen and understood, particularly corporations, NGOs, legislators and policy makers.

With critical financial support from individual funders, the organization’s board decided to launch Reimagine Gender to address these new areas of work. Lisa Kenney, the former Executive Director of Gender Spectrum, took the helm as CEO of the new organization. Lisa’s corporate and nonprofit leadership experience brings a valuable understanding of the challenges and opportunities our partners have in addressing gender to meet their objectives. We’re thrilled to use our experience to expand our work in these ways.

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