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What We Do

We meet you wherever you are in your understanding of gender – and help you get to the next step.

Our Focus

Reimagine Gender helps you understand gender so that you can help your organization, community or family thrive. We offer:

  • Accessible content, workshops, tools, and trainings
  • Custom experiences and trainings for organizations and groups
  • Consulting and assessments 
  • Guidance and partnership on gender-related projects and programs

Our Work In Action

  • A tech company needed help after their new global gender policy drew unexpected backlash from employees
  • A financial services organization wanted to capture information on gender in its recruiting and employee management systems while staying compliant with federal reporting needs, and wasn’t sure how to get beyond their current “are you a man or a woman” gender options
  • A healthcare company hoped to understand how a subscriber’s gender may affect which services they utilize and how they use them
  • A police department wanted to create a gender policy that respects its citizens
  • An international NGO wanted to train its staff, volunteers and partners on gender and create a program for clients to support their gender-diverse children of all ages
  • A program for educators, parents, and youth needed to help kids imagine how their interests can translate into an exciting STEM-related career

How We Can Help

Our experience has proven that much of what folks need regarding gender boils down to a few things:

  • A partner who listens to what you want to accomplish, without judgement or an agenda
  • Help understanding what gender is (and isn’t) and defining key terms and concepts so people feel more comfortable talking about gender
  • A gender lens that helps reveal the largely invisible ways that gender shows up in our everyday lives. Once you develop this lens, you see things in a new way — including the often non-obvious ways we build bias and inequity into our systems — and are able to change what’s needed.
  • Practical resources that can be implemented to have an immediate, positive impact where you need it most

Whether you have a specific need or want to reimagine gender broadly, we listen to what you want to accomplish, the impact it will have, and what success looks like. If you have concerns (and really, who doesn’t?), we listen to those too. Then we roll up our sleeves and partner with you to accomplish your objectives.


It’s essential that you feel safe and comfortable in your relationship with us. In order to help foster that experience, we don’t name or talk publicly about our partners. It’s your decision to share — or not share — our collaboration. If you’d like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to reach out.