Perceptions of gender are changing — fast. Is your company ready?

Whether you hope to attract new talent, unlock innovation or increase your bottom line, a strong understanding of gender is a must for organizations today.

Reimagine Gender is here as your guide. We educate companies about gender and empower leaders to apply a gender-inclusive lens across the business. Our tools and trainings will help your organization reimagine gender — so you can remain competitive and thrive far into the future.

Events & Trainings

Navigating this new reality is easier said than done. The Reimagine Gender team is here to help with trainings that will help you understand the changing world of gender — and start applying this knowledge to improve business practices immediately.

The Foundations Training

Tuesday, February 9
Thursday, February 18

This is a recommended starting point for everyone wanting to better understand gender. It is also the prerequisite training for the Reimagine Gender practitioner training.

What you’ll learn:

  • What gender is (and isn’t!)
  • How perceptions of gender are changing
  • The benefits of reimagining gender in meeting your organization's objectives
  • How gender impacts various aspects of the organization 
  • Why a company’s approach to gender should be distinct from LGBTQ and women’s equity programs 
  • What companies can do today to start reimagining gender
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The Practitioner Trainings

Go deeper to understand how gender intersects with your work.

Reimagine Gender in HR

Tuesday, January 26
Tuesday, February 23

What you’ll learn:

  • How reimagining gender will help you recruit top talent, particularly millennials and Gen Z
  • How to develop a common language for talking about gender and avoid messaging in the binary
  • An overview of key considerations on topics including pronouns and gender identifiers to use in your HR systems
  • Common mistakes and how to prevent them 
  • Tips for establishing gender literacy across the organization
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Reimagine Gender in Marketing

Thursday, February 25

What you’ll learn:

  • How reimagining gender will help you reach and discover new audiences, build loyalty and increase profits 
  • How to design campaigns and create products free of constricting gender norms 
  • Common mistakes marketers make when it comes to gender
  • Examples of brands that get gender right 
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Reimagine Gender in Customer Service

Wednesday, February 24

What you’ll learn:

  • How reimagining gender will help you keep customers happy and avoid attrition 
  • Key gender-related considerations and strategies for customer conversations 
  • Mistakes to avoid when engaging with customers
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The Leadership Training

Leading on gender starts here.

The Reimagine Gender Leadership Experience 

Gen Z’s expansive views of gender might initially seem radical, but the truth is that all of us — your employees, your customers and even you — are affected by the outdated gender binary. Leaders who can understand this and empathize are poised to lead on gender now and into the future. This training will include the fundamentals of gender — what it is (and isn’t), how perceptions are changing, and how it’s different than sexual orientation. We’ll talk about why your organization must evolve its approach to gender in order to remain competitive, how gender affects different aspects of the business, and pitfalls to avoid. Finally, by diving into your own gender story, you’ll develop the tools and framework to reimagine gender at your company. Trainings will be capped at 12 participants to allow for discussion and reflection.


Additional Services

We also offer custom trainings, workshops, consulting and assessments. Contact us to learn more.

Dig Deeper

Understanding Gender

Gender is a word you’ve probably heard a thousand times, and discussions about gender are everywhere.

But if you’re like most people, you may not have thought much about it, and what you’ve read and heard may have left you more bewildered than when you started. We’re here to help.

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Gender and Your Business

Gender intersects with every aspect of the organization, from HR to product development to marketing. Explore these questions to see how gender comes into play at your organization, and how you might consider evolving your approach.

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