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The Joy Of Being Non-Binary

July 14 is recognized globally as International Non-Binary People's Day — a time to celebrate our friends, family members and colleagues who don’t identify as a man or a woman. In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of younger generations feeling more comfortable and empowered when it comes to gender identity and expression. In fact, a recent study from The Trevor Project found that more than one in four LGBTQ youth identify as non-binary. There are (at least) more than 1 million non-binary people currently living in the United States. 

This is indeed cause for celebration! Nothing compares to the joy a person feels when they feel free to show up as their true, authentic selves, free of gendered (and other) constraints. And no place is this more fun to watch than TikTok. To celebrate International Non-Binary People's Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite TikToks that help educate, inspire and spark joy. The future is bright. 


If we want to heal the world, we must heal ourselves. #nonbinary #trans #lgbtq

♬ original sound - Ty Deran

Answer to @leanovatisch my mental health after coming out as non-binary really did 📈📈📈

♬ original sound - hawke

No need to qualify them. They are not a preference. #pronouns #nonbinary #trans

♬ my pronouns r not preferred - Ty Deran

Meet Alex. ( , pronouns she/they). So...what advice would you give to your younger (closeted) self today? #lgbt #pride #foryourpride

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese